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    Default Sean Williams will be waived today

    Seanís swan song

    Sean Williams, who will be waived today to make room for the two players, acknowledged that Sunday was his last day as a Net.

    "Iím going to have to talk to my agent and see what opportunities arise," he said.

    Williams also denied a published report Sunday that he was harassing a woman and involved in an altercation in a New York nightclub last month.

    "I really have nothing to say about the gossip thatís been spoken about me lately," he said.
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    Am I the only one left that still thinks this guy could play well in D'Antoni's system and also give us some more defense/shot-blocking? Should we give him a contract for the rest of this year?

    Being waived by the worst team in the league. Sad. I thought this guy had some talent. What a waste.

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    Yea i'd proceed with caution. I think they really like Bender and Landry so i can't see them dropping either of those two players. If they could pull off a 2 for 1 trade or just let Darko loose i'd consider taking a flyer on Williams but i don't expect it to happen.

    The guy was a beast at BC but is immature and not improved any of his basketball skills since then.
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    He has always shown flashes of consistency. I just think his immaturity and lack or work ethic will always bring him down. He just will be another one of those "athletic but bust" NBA players.

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    He sucks.

    No offense. Poor defense.

    Only is good at blocking from weak side.
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