It's a slow day and I can't stop reading about the Gilbert situation. I wanted to here what the rest of think about this.

Think about it from a league perspective. If you are David Stern, how do you handle this situation. This might be more of an analytical management question than basketball, but since everyone is a gm here, take it up a notch and share how you would respond to this crisis.

Best answer gets an early lead to claim the award for Executive of the year...

Here's what I would do.

1) Suspend both players until investigation is complete
2) call press conference and annouce suspenions and inform the public that the NBA will cooperate with authorities as much as possible and give them the space to complete investigation by taking both players out of the public eye.
3) Announce that the league will use this incident as a means of change in policy and that this will be the first gun incident under the new policy.
4) Suspend Grunfield for a week citing his irresponsiblity of reporting incident late and allowing his players to bring guns into the workplace
5) In private inform Gilbert that he has shown no ability to appear to be mature and no one has any confidence of him acting like a grown mature adult. For this, he will be fined for every twitter post he makes during investigation process, all to add to one big private penalty fee that will be kept away from media.
6)Once investigation is complete, if its true and a fact that he brought 3 guns into the lockeroom and brandished them to teamates, his contract will be terminated. In addition, he will be suspended for the rest of the season and a free agent in July.
7) Critteron will face a year suspension if it turns out he threw the gun across the room, or worse.
8) Announce new league policy: No Guns in workplace! The penalty is season suspension and right for team to termiate contract.

Because of racial undertones, each incident is magnified in the NBA, so a prompt response is especially needed.