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    Originally Posted by Pricey
    look for the bloke at the top of the screen Muntari, plays him on as the ball leaves the boot.

    Pepe has been coaching for 2 seasons so obviously Mourinho is better but i cant remember Mourinho winning 6 trophies in 1 season.
    Mourinho is a brilliant manager but he lets himself down with his attitude towards the media and refs.
    yea yea yea 6 trophies, 3 from spanish league... it is not the hardest league in the world... I don't like primera division so I don't know how they get it maybe they got LUCK :P. Champions League with Manu... no comment they shouldn't be there as we said before... Jose was one of the greatest coaches in CHELSEA, he got 6 trophies in 3 years fully deserved in quite better league and he is undefeated in home games since 2002 PEPE is a one minute man, maybe I can't appreciate him because I really don't like barcelona as much as I hate lakers

    PS. still searching for the offside highlights
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