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    IMO "your" football has nothing to do with cleverness or toughness. Firstly, quarterbacks are always in contact with offense coordinator, secondly there is always plenty of time to consult with your coach and last but not least many quarterbacks use cribs, it seems it doesn't require any cleverness to execute a play. In "our" football there are almost no in game adjustments made by the coaching staff, no cribs, no timeouts to figure out what to do next. Players are supposed to decide which play is going to be exectued, what adjuments can be made etc. Toughness: mouthguards, helmets, chestguards, ballsguards and plenty of other stuff to protect your body and you're talking about toughness? Athleticism, "your" football players are just pumped, guys are playing max. 30-40 minutes/game and you're saying this is the most athletic sport? In "our" football you have 11 starters and just 3 subs, no different squads for offense/defense, guys are playing 90 minutes/game and running at least 7 miles/game (sometimes even 10). Besides, "your" players have max 20 games/season (if they get to the Super Bowl), a top team of "our" football play around 60 games/season.

    For us, "your" football is just fake rugby. It isn't even football because guys mostly carry the ball in their hands.

    The thruth is "your" football and "our" football are two totally different games that require different skill sets and background. I agree "your" football inlcludes more tactics or team work, but it doesn't make "your" football any better than "ours", like playing more heavy minutes doesn't make our football better than "yours".

    And no, I don't hate "your" football, I really enjoyed the Super Bowl, but for us it just looks fake with all the pauses and paddings.
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