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How many games has N8 been given the time and opportunity -- let alone confidence and experience -- that Duhon has to run this offense? Curious.

You and a few others act like you know N8 so well; as if you know what he absolutely is, and more shocking, what he absolutely will be. Why?

How old is N8? How old is Duhon? Who has more talent? Who has more ability to actually, potentially help this team? Curious.

Could you think of a better season, a better spot, a better roster, to allow N8 the opportunity to start in place of Chris Duhon?
You might as well ask Curry to run the offense. Hughes might be able to run the offense, but he's like Duhon. Both are bad more often than they're good. WE ALL KNOW Robinson is better than Duhon, but he's not a better PG.

Robinson tonight in 28 minutes: 1 assist and 4 turnovers.
Duhon tonight in 35 minutes 4 assists and 2 turnovers.

Nate had SEVEN turnovers the other night in like 18 minutes. Do you not see the point? There is no PG in N8. He is instant-offense off the bench.

I look back at the Lacker game last year and I get teased too thinking N8 could be our PG.

BUT, after 4 years.... What more do you want? He is what he is... He'll never be a PG. If you think Duhon stinks.... watch N8 throw pass after pass into the stands.... Watch him try to run the pick-n-roll?

This is not a Duhon or N8 thing, and this isn't a LET'S BASH N8 thing either.... The Knicks do not have a PG.... If they find one soon, they'll win 37-43 games.... If not, they'll win something like 33. Simple as that!