I'm half Dominican, and sadly a lot of Dominicans have mistreated Haiti for over a century.
I've always had honor, respect and love for Haiti.
The 1st free nation in my eyes.
For that?
They weren't recognized in the 1800s and got treated worse than Cuba's era in post 1950's.
There was an international boycott on Haiti in the 1800s...it was a FREE BLACK NATION...and they got punished for a century.

"The Haitian governments were extremely anxious to be recognized by France and the Europeans. But France would not recognize Haiti unless indemnities were paid for lands of former slave owners taken over after the revolution. Finally, in 1838 President Boyer of Haiti accepted a 150 million franc debt to pay this indemnity. This debt plagued the economy of Haiti for over 80 years and was not finally paid until 1922. In the meantime Haiti paid many times over 150 million francs in interest on this debt. It is difficult to measure the incredible harm which this did to the Haitian economy, but by the most conservative measures it was extremely significant."

I. Root, but Less Visible Causes of Haitian Misery

The ultimate causes of Haiti's misery are human. They are rooted in greed and power. Both the international community and Haiti's rulers have continuously assured the destruction of Haiti's colonial wealth and the creation and continuance of her misery.

1. The international community's role.
1. French colonial contribution.
2. The international boycott of the new nation of 1804.
3. The French debt of 1838.
4. The United States Occupation, 1915-1934.
5. Post World War II United States domination.
2. The role of Haiti's rulers.
1. Slave-like labor systems in the early republic.
2. The elite's protection of its wealth.
3. Haitian corruption.
4. Human rights violations as a tool of oppression.

II. Secondary, but Immediate Causes of Haitian Misery

The international and national political climate of Haiti has assured her misery. But, little by little these forces have caused other factors to emerge that assure the continuance of Haitian misery even if Haiti were to secure good local government free from international intervention. (An unlikely prospect in either instance!) Some of the most noticeable secondary causes of Haiti's poverty are:

1. Language as an oppressor.
2. Ignorance and illiteracy.
3. The system of education (or miseducation).
4. Soil erosion.
5. Export crops vs. local food crops.
6. The lack of a social infrastructure: inadequate roads, water systems, sewerage, medical services, schools.
7. Unemployment and underemployment.
8. Underdevelopment in an age of international economic competition.
9. Haitian self-image. "

Haiti has been hit by an earthquake.
They're the last nation in the world that deserves that...wtf, I'm so pissed man.

The people who want freedom will never get its due...Puerto Ricans, Hatians, Cubans...we will always suffer under the hands of capitalism, the Federal Reserve, NWO, Obama and these selfish bankers who suck the countries dry of their economy and resources.

There are no hospitals in Haiti to help these people, its a ****ing mess over there.

We're so OBLIGATED to help them, its serious.