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Players don't stay there long, 60 plus % taxes on your salary (but free healthcare like we are going to get, except NBA players get free healthcare, don't usually do not take the teams physician, most top orthopedic physicians will operate for free for their name in the paper, going to want to be a pro athlete physician, a couple million minimum, that means you pay the team and treat for free, Canada or U.S.). Even if your making 50K a year, 40% gone. Yankee's team physicians probably pay over 5 million to treat for free. Then all the normal patients say, I go to the Yankee's team physician. Sports dirty secret!

Going to Canada, is like taking a big cut in pay, no major league baseball or NBA basketball player doesn't want to be there very long, so team turnover rates are the highest.

I believe the Blue Jays one a world series, with some veterans back in the nineties, Andre Dawson rings a bell. Hockey, well they own that, but even the superstars will come south for the salary boost sometime in their career. Back to 48 hours, I can't watch. Sorry about the long rant.
Well that explains why Tracy Mcgrady and Alonzo Mourning didn't want to play there.I don't blame them though, who would want to play in a country in which hockey is the number one sport?