If Jeffries is not traded by Feb 18th, then everything falls apart. We will not have enough cap space to sign a max + Lee (or any player worthy of what Lee will be asking). This inturn will mean a max will not sign at all. All of the other teams with max cap space will have better rosters/situations than the Knicks.

Donnie is defintely not going with Plan B (i.e. trade expiring contracts now and build a team now). The plan is Lebron or bust.

So, there is a very, very high possibility where the Knicks just resign everybody this offseason and have virtually the same team next year. Give Lee $10 mil, give Harrington $8 mil, give Duhon $5 mil, etc. Then use the $18 mil in cap space in 2011 when Jeffries and Curry expire. To sign who, I don't know (Mello and CP3 are not available, contrary to popular belief).

This scenario has a higher probability of being reality vs. Lebron coming to the Knicks.

Is this acceptable to everyone? Was tanking 2 seasons, possibly a 3rd for 2011 cap space worth it?

I'm curious to see how many people are ok with this.