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    You have to be really pleased with the Knicks tonight in my opinion. they held the champions to trading buckets until halfway through the fourth quarter.

    The Lakers are a much better team than we are and the truth is that in the end their superior quality counted.

    Duhon was hopeless as usual, sit him down and don`t ever let him get up again. I was really pleased with Jordan Hills limited minutes. He came on and instantly added momentum and grabbed rebounds and got some good baskets.

    All in all the Knicks were brilliant, we just have to accept that the Lakers are a better team and sometimes you just have to admit that.

    Good game Knicks.

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    I was satisfied with the way the Knicks played tonight. Monster game by David Lee and Wilson Chandler. Might have won if we found a 3rd scorer. Al Harrington was a no show and Duhon didn't turn the ball over, but didn't add any offense either. Gallinari had an ok game, but you can't give him the ball in those end game situations unless its a kick-out. His ball handling skills are way to poor to handle the ball that far away from the basket. But great effort and a nice appearance by Bill Clinton at halftime. No matter what your politics are, the Knicks are becoming relevant again. Great job by my hoops announcer Hubie Brown breaking down the game. Felt a little like the old days....

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    Default The 2 Worst Starters in the NBA...

    How can any NBA team win with 2 starters having these stats?

    The WORST PG in the league

    Duhound: 31 Minutes, 2 Points



    Girafferies: 43 minutes, 2 points, 3 rebounds, -14 (+/-)

    What happened to the great Dee of the giraffe? He had a couple of
    good weeks, and he's reverted back to his old doofus self. he sucks.
    trade him asap, Donnie!

    Wil Chandler = under-rated
    DLEE = All Star
    Gallo = inconsistent (-17 +/- ... ouch)

    All in all, a typical Knicks game, 3 quarters of solid ball, until they
    ran out of gas. the inevitable result of a short rotation... D'amntoni!


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    Originally Posted by DontForgetDerekHarper
    we just need a pg, center we can deal with, go to player we have plenty of confident scorers.

    duhon is our only true flaw as of right now

    honestly if nate didnt get hurt that game would have gone down to the wire in the 4th, but dubrick, dugarbage, duterrible, duhonestly the worst pg in the league killed us tonight.
    Don"t forget Dudu,DuTerrible, DuHomo, and my personal favorite....DuDonkey! Thanks for helping us lose yet another game!

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    Jordan Hill plays great in the first half and then gets 3 minutes in the second half? Our coach lost this game staying with Duhon and Jeffries for most of this game. Our coach is ****ing idiot, no Douglas but he inserts an ice cold tanking Hughes who has no desire to play for us anymore after his latest benching.

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    Originally Posted by Scipio
    You have to be really pleased with the Knicks tonight in my opinion. they held the champions to trading buckets until halfway through the fourth quarter.
    it's look like that but it is not to the end, I'm gonna explain why:

    My friends ( LA fan ) has some kind of mobile message subscribtion from the locker room of lakers... I was laughing on him when he told me that he get message : RELAX and look what in 4th will happen. It looks like we are so competitive but LA let us play this way... look how easy they get 10 point lead in 4th with they starters. Nevertheless Chris f***** our another game, we were able to get some lead earlier ( maybe than we could stay close in this 4th ) but we haven't got robinson and we were forced to play duhon and even larry ( why not douglas ). After few minutes of 4th quarter I just turn off pc and go sleep. I know there is no miracle this day. We played better but not as good to beat them, we got some flashy moments and that's good thing

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    That Dallas game was a joke.. Where they even there?
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