I'm SO ****ing tired of losing its insane. I mean yeah, we won tonight....against the TWOLVES. That's what Knicks basketball has come to? A once proud franchise in thee most proud city in the entire United States is excited about beating the Minnesota Timberwolves??? PATHETIC!!! We need to make moves, and make moves fast. Why would even want to make the playoffs? We'd just embarrass ourselves out of it as the 8 seed. We should be letting go of EVERYONE who is not part of the 2010 plan. Yes, David Lee included. I love Lee's hustle, but s***...we need talent. If we could trade his expiring contract to get rid of JJ or McCurry I would do it in a HEARTBEAT. We could probably get some good talent in return. F***, I just want to ****ing win already... I think a frustration thread was necessary considering we last made the playoffs when Dwight Howard was in high school and weighted less than 200 pounds...s***. F***, f***, f***! I'm frustrated. Sick. Tired. Any melancholy word can be inserted to describe my emotions toward my Bockers.