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    Originally Posted by ANU
    their are plenty of things that need of be changed as far as I'm concerned.

    donnie was hired as the pres.of basketball ops, and since then he's been the defacto gm; i think he needs to hire someone young and willing with a great basketball mind and eye for basketball talent as this team's gm.i want sam presti.

    secondly, he needs to fire every scout on this team.don't give a **** about how long they've been with this team.the knicks have been one of the worst drafting teams in the last 20 years.

    thirdly, if get mike d'antoni gets a chance to get another job, let him walk.he is not the best fit for this team, in this teams current state, and most likely for the foreseeable future.the hawks would be an ideal fit for his style of play.

    forth, bring back jeff van gundy.yeah, i said it.he's got unfinished business here.i don't care on what terms he left.

    also, he needs to start making moves to set this team up better for the future.young talent and or picks, to make this team a more complete team.harrington needs to get dealt, because he won't be here next year.get what you can for him.same with the rest of our power forward situation.lee, gallo, hill,at least 2 of those guys need to get dealt(perry jones ftw in '11 if no james!) i thinks that's obvious, i just hope he isn't too patient.

    not trying to be greedy but, in my mind a presti-van gundy-james off season would put us in better shape than simply getting james.
    I'm going to reiterate this point.this season is shot to ****.

    i wish we could get that pick back.
    okur and our pick for lee hill and chandler.(okur makes 10.5 mill next year, but if we keep lee 11+ a year, there total cap hold would be around 15 mill)

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