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    please, understand this:

    the forum is not a chat room, so please keep useless and unsifgnificant posts away. just today i had to delete about 10 posts that had no sense at all. please avoid one line replies or such as agree or lol that are completly uninteresting, and stupid.
    they are not contributing at all to our discusion and are using this website's disk space.
    also, don't start new a topic if there's another one that's still active. (e.g. allan houston's birthday threads)

    we are not running a contest here to see who's having the biggest number of posts

    Thanks for reading.
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    out of curioisity, why is it in this part of the forum and not knicks online?
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    Originally Posted by pyotrveliky
    out of curioisity, why is it in this part of the forum and not knicks online?
    Because he's a moderator and he's decided that he wants everyone to see it and since everyone reads this forum and barely anyone goes to that section he puts it here. Thats my guess anyway.

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