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Og, you should look at Christianity in the form of Biblical Christianity...really the only form of it that follows the Bible, everything in it, follows correct interpretations, and doesn't use man made rituals or twist any words in it.

Sorry knickfan4lyfe, but we've had our arguments...Jehovah's witness has many problems in it that are common and many i explained to you in the past.

OG- You can bash Jehovah's witness all you want but all i ask is that you don't view Jesus and his apostles in the light that a Jehovah's witness does.

Pick up an ESV Bible or listen to guys like Ravi Zacharias, John Mcarthur, Raul Reiss, Saved Jews like Kirk Schnieder, Jeffrey Seif, Zola Levitt....there is a whole understanding of the bible that is deeper than what most congregations can even fathom. Interpretations and connections between the Jewish people and Gentile Christians that are amazing.
You know a faith that follows the bible for what it is, and it's something other than JW's who are known for basing their entire lives around it?

And no need to be sorry. It is what it is. I have people who explain hell, God, afterlife, purpose for man, and why God allows suffering. You never brought those things to the table. So I just chalked it up to you not having the answers, or not wanting to share.

Good day!