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    Originally Posted by DontForgetDerekHarper
    hahaha iggy was able to mesh with andre miller, am I believing the nonsense I hear from posters on this site. This is ridiculous to the enth degree. Yeah of course iggy meshed well with miller, miller is one of the top 5 pure now emphasize pure point guards in the league in terms of his main goal is to make the players around him better. That means nothing for iggy in terms of his ability to play second fiddle and improve a team. Or that iggy is a star caliber player in todays league, I equate him to a corey mcgette or ronny brewer type, athletic can play some defense, but never the less when you boil it all down the dude is an under achiever who is not not, never was and never will be a legitimate star in this league. I mean seriously where are our knicks fans on this site.

    I see nets fans

    cavs fans

    philly fans.

    its like you want to argue nonsense just to make the situation look worse than it is if the cavs get iggy, he is not a championship cornerstone, the cavs have the best record in the league and have owned the lakers with out iggy, and you act as if he will be the reason lebron stays haha. If lebron stays its because he wants to stay in CLV, not because AI 2 is putting up 13 ppg along side him.
    First of all, my thread had nothing to do with whether Lebron James stays in Cleveland or whether he goes to the Knicks.There is a good reason why I posted this thread in the NBA folder of the forum.If this was a thread about the Knicks chances at Lebron James I would have posted this in the Knicks folder of the forum.The point that I was trying to make was that Iguodala would be a star player on the Cavs just like he is a star player on the Sixers.

    Second of all, even if this was a thread about Lebron's chances of signing with the Knicks you are sounding like a Knick fan who is in denial about the Cavs having a better opportunity of signing Lebron past the 2009-10 season than the Knicks have.Whenever you see Knick fans, who are objective about other teams in the NBA, you quickly deride them and dismiss them as being fans of those teams.Why should I embrace your opinion over actual NBA statistics? Aren't you the same person who speculated that the Knicks would finish the season eight games above five hundred? You are just speculating when you say that Iggy couldn't play second fiddle to Lebron James in Cleveland.Iggy has been doing everything that was required of him to do for the Philadelphia 76ers.What else would you like him to do? Play all five positions at the same time? If he is such an overrated basketball player why are general managers of other teams showing interest in him? Do you know more about the talent and impact of NBA players than the average NBA executive? The Cavs might have one of the best records in the league right now but Danny Ferry knows there is a good possibility that Lebron James's Cavalier days are being numbered and that the Cavs haven't been able to win an NBA championship with the roster that they currently have.His job as Cavs general manager is to look for ways to make his team better not to sit behind his desk gloating about how the Cavs beat the Lakers in two regular season games and how they own a 38-11 record.Thank God the NBA championship is decided in June and not in February and that teams have the privilege of playing eachother in 7 game series.

    Lastly, you are giving way too much credit to Andre Miller.If Miller is such a great point guard and has such a tremendous impact on any team that he plays for why in his 12 year NBA career has he only taken his teams to the playoffs 5 times? Why did the Denver Nuggets get rid of him in the first place if he is this stupendous player? Are you basing his entire career on that one 52 point game that he had against the Mavericks the other day? I'm not overlooking Miller's ability to contribute at the point guard position, but to write off Andre Iguodala as some sort of bum and exalt Andre Miller as some colossal benefactor, to the team that he plays for, seems like an absurd thing to do.
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    New York Knicks = An organization more useless than a bag of rocks painted in orange and blue. The most over-paid collection of talent ever assembled on an NBA floor. They could only be coached worse by a dead Rich Kotite.

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