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StreetDreams - I agree 150% with you on CM Punk. I don't really watch Smackdown (as its on Friday night), but what I've seen from him has been fantastic. Really enjoying that gimmick.

Starky - interesting stuff about Hogan/Nash and you are absolutely right. The two of them (and Hall, to a lesser extent) were the cause of the rise of WCW, but also the cause of the fall. The fact is, Hogan shows up, and refuses to put anybody over. Now, he put over The Rock, Stone Cold, those guys because he saw those guys as equal to him. But on his second return to the WWE, he refused to go over for HBK, refused to put any young talent over. If the Hogan that has to win every time is the Hogan that has shown up, you can start counting down TNA's days.

There is ONE way I think TNA CAN do well.

They have to move to Monday Night, live and go right up against Raw...you may think it's a death sentence but hear me out.

Part of the allure of the Monday Night wars was switching back and forth, seeing what was going on on Raw, then flipping to Nitro. When I watched the Raw that went up against Impact, I felt like it was the old days again, it was a good feeling.

You will get people who normally tune into Raw saying, "Hmmm...let me check out what's going on on Impact," during the commercials. People who tune into Raw are already interested in the product of wrestling, as you alluded to Starky. It's not that they are "WWE-fans" or "TNA-fans", as you said there's really no such thing. They are wrestling fans. I think people will tune in Monday Nights, even just for a few minutes, to see what's going on. And once you get them in for a few minutes, you CAN hook them.

But TNA needs to work on their booking. That Monday night, when Impact went live against Raw, a friend of mine who was a HUGE wrestling fan in the day tuned into the first hour of Impact that went on from 8-9. He said they had an hour to hook him. But in that hour they had 2 matches, both of which were horrible and neither of which ended in a true winner. TNA had a golden opportunity there, TNA HAS talent. SHOWCASE it. You know people are interested, tuning in from 8-9. Hook them. Jeff Hardy showing up in the first hour hooks nobody that wouldn't already be interested in the product.

TNA's booking decisions are beyond crazy. While I think WWE has obviously made some mistakes of their own, they make a lot of right ones. TNA does not.
Here is my list of people who I don't believe belong in TNA.

Hulk Hogan

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall

Sean Waltman

Sean Morley

Orlando Jordan

the Nasty Boys

I would keep guys like Ric Flair, Mick Foley and Sting just so they could help out the younger wrestlers.That's why I think it is a smart idea that Ric Flair works along side A.J Styles just like he did with Evolution in WWE.

As for TNA Impact being moved to Monday Nights, they already are negotiating with Spike TV on a deal.It will just be a matter of time that they'll be going up against Monday Night Raw.Hopefully they put up better shows this time around and stay away from copying old WWE story lines.