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    Default Countdown to NBA Lockout

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    Not sure if anyone's been following this, but it appears the league is headed to a lockout faster than a comet.

    What side is everone on?

    I rarley side with owners, but this time its different. The owners are out for a vengence and seem to be just plain angry that NBA player contracts have gotten out of control. No one is mad at the LeBrons, Wades, and Melos out there, its the Eddy Currys, Theo Ratlfis, Larry Hughes, and so many others the owners are declaring war on.

    Apparently fans arent the only ones who think its absolutley insane that these stiffs get paid more than what the Red Cross brings in, the owners now want to put an end to long contracts and guarenteed money.

    Basically, if a player has a great walk year and gets a huge contract (Elton Brand in Philly), and becomes 10% of the player that a team thought they purchased, that player will now have his contract voided.

    Contracts killed the trade market and these players have destroyed franchises. It's time for a change and I rather see a lockout than this go on
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