Just get rid of D'Antoni.

This has nothing to do with the last game performance but moreso my on going opinion of the whole situation with the team.

It's going to be a turning point for this team. Complete roster revamp. Therefore if you're going to tutor the young guys like Gallo, Chandler, Hill, Douglas. They need to be taught the importance of defense. The importance of winning basketball inside the paint. The importance of TEAM BASKETBALL. Something IMPOSSIBLE with a 7 seconds or less system.

Can we get a coach who understands and doesnt shy away from these concepts? That coach will have the CLEANEST slate there is of the past 6 head coaching hires by the Knicks this summer. The opportunity to REALLY start from scratch and assemble a defensive team that is fit for battle.

If we get stuck with D'Antoni and no LeBron and we sign non-defensive players, Im officially giving up as a Knicks fan.

This summer is our opportunity to score some defensive talent and a coach who can turn this franchise around. Please, please don't let me down.....

Thank You.

Sincerely, a disgruntled Knicks fan.