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I agree.

The Knicks need to fire Mike D'Antoni. It is because of him that the Knicks don't have Brook Lopez. It is also because of him that the Knicks have
Chris Duhon as their starting point guard. Mike D'Antoni is terrible at creating starting lineups, and his substitiutions in the 4th quarter are rediculous.

I don't entirely blame D'Antoni, though.

Walsh is the one listening to D'Anphony's every command. Walsh needs to get a backbone and stop doing whatever D'Antoni wants him to do.
Where are you getting that from? I don't think that any other coach we could have had definitely would have gotten Brook Lopez on this team. Maybe we would have been less likely to draft Gallo without Mike D, but that doesn't mean we would have definitely gotten Lopez. I actually think this team would have gone with Gordon or Augustin with most other coaches.

Also, Jordan Hill is not a Mike D'Antoni-type guy. That indicates to me that MAYBE Mike D isn't pulling the draft strings as much as we think.

I know the love of Lopez is well-documented on this board, and hindsight is 20/20. But the fact is there were lots of draft-guys saying he would be a bust, almost as many as said he would succeed. In fact, the only reason the Nets got him is because they were set on taking a center or Jerryd Bayless...If Brook and Bayless were gone, they would have traded down or taken Robin Lopez if Brook wasn't there. They wanted a center.

I do agree with you on the other stuff though. Duhon is certainly D'Antoni's hand-picked PG (even if the pickings were slim). And I agree he makes bone-headed moves in the 4th quarter. I still don't understand why Toney Douglas hasn't seen minutes. He can't possibly be worse than what's out there now. But I don't blame Mike D'Antoni for this team not having Brook Lopez, as I don't think D'Antoni has the clout in the draft room we might think he does.

As for firing the guy...my problem is no one is going to come in here and do better. This team is not a playoff team, we have an abysmal roster. I don't know that any coach would add any significant number of wins...might as well keep him on until he starts misusing ACTUAL NBA TALENT. If we don't get LeBron, I see even less of a point in firing Mike D'Antoni. We'd still have to pay him, and we will be stuck with a ****ty roster again. I'd be more inclined to fire him if we get some talent and Mike D'Antoni lets it waste (which very well could happen).

I don't agree with many of Mike's moves, and I understand why people on this board might want him to go, but I'm not sure anyone else we bring in is going to make this team a serious playoff contender. That's my only hesitation.