Can you really blame D'Antoni for losing with this roster? Phil Jackson wouldn't be able to win with this roster, they just suck too much. They suck. As a Knicks fan it pains me to say it, but our players are awful. The ones with talent are young and undeveloped (Gallo, Hill, Chandler to a lesser extent) and the veterans are streaky players and some of them (I'm looking at YOU Duhon) just shouldn't be starting on an NBA team, period.

When D'Antoni gets a legitimate NBA roster and underperforms, then maybe I'll call for his head. I mean he had JARED JEFFRIES starting at the 4 last night. You can't honestly expect him to win given a roster like that. Once we dump Chris Duhon for a legit PG and replace Jeffries with someone who can, I dunno, score, maybe then I'll call for D'Antoni's head if his team performs like this.

But as it stands now, you didn't really expect him to win, did you?