The more that I understand the rules for signing FA's the more stupid the 2010 plan has become to me.

This time last year I thought that we could sign our own FA's without spending our cap and then use the cap room we have to sign other FA's.....NOT THE CASE!

Then I thought that we would had the MLE to use -thanks to an article written by Peter Vescey- that too is not the case - I now know that thanks to information provided by our very own LJ-

So I can not see the logic in Donnie Walsh's current approach!

Danny Ainge was Boston's version of Isiah Thomas -minus the harrassment suits- but he is considered to one of the best GMs now all because he made some ballsy moves, Mitch Kupchak couldve had D Wade in his move that sent Shaq to Mia but he ends up with Caron Butler -who he later traded for Kwame Brown-,Brian Grant and Lamar Odom, thus breaking up a dynasty and making him look like the biggest dumbass in the league. but he salvaged his career by doing what....not by waiting to get under cap, but by making bold moves! Now did both GM's get a little lucky -and Ainge got some damn help from a former teamate!- but they did not just sit on their hands

So what it boils down to is that The Knicks have 27 million to spend and at least 7 roster spots to fill. That is just under 4 million dollars per player, give David Lee 10 million and that is less than 3 million per player. Sign a coveted max FA and that leaves about 1 million dollars per player

And I guess you could point to our core of players as reason not to be concerned, but without a reliable PG,true SG or Center I'd say there is plenty of cause for concern with Walsh's plan.

So I present to you the NEW NEW YORK Plan for regaining Respectability! Also known as the "NO EXPIRING CONTRACTS LEFT BEHIND!"

Warning:This plan does not include us getting Lebron or D Wade if you are one of those fans who are living in that world proceed with caution!

Here's The Blueprint of the plan; 1. utilize most of our nearly 60 million dollars in expiring contracts instead of just letting them melt away this summer. 2. Get the players we would be after this summer at the trade deadline rather than July 1st, and then retain their Bird Rights to beat out offers on them!

It is basic mathematics 60 million gets you more than 27 million!!!!!!!

1st move: David Lee and Cuttino for Amare and 2010 1st rounder

Logic: Phoenix saves money on both ends of this deal. They Cuttino's contract saves them about 3 million this season, and they can re-sign Lee for less than Amare this summer, thus saving them money then too! We get the future first rounder because Lee is actually outplaying Stoudamire for less this season. We make this deal to improve shot blocking, Amare is no Mutumbo but he has blocked more shots in 53 games this year than Lee has in the past two seasons combined! They are both undesized Centers, but Amare is better at it, plus even with Lee's improved offensive play, Amare is the better one on one player in the post.

2nd Move: Jared Jefferies and Toney Douglas for Luke Ridinour

Logic: Scott Skiles gets two defensive minded players who would fit in nice with his team. Jefferies would be a favorite, and I think he can better mold Douglas into an NBA PG than just about any coach outside of Larry Brown.... In short, We get a true PG!

3rd move: That rumored 3 team deal with Wash and Hou

Logic:Lone standing I do not get this deal, but If we make moves around this deal then I like it. Don't know all the players involved, but I suspect we would be giving up Hughes and Harrington and getting back T-Mac. T Mac is a legit SG and consider that we now have Ridnour then our backcourt looks pretty solid even if T-Mac is not at his superstar level.

4th move: Nate Robinson for James Jones and 2011 or 2012 first rounder

Logic: The Heat went after Rafer Alston to provide a spark off the bench and they have not got that from him and probably won't! they can make this move to get that spark and just buy out Alston's league minimum contract. Nate won't veto a deal to South Beach and we get a 3 pt shooting, defensive minded, role player who has 3 straight team options on his contract after this one! The first rounder is for the obvious disparity in talent.

5th move: Darko Millic and a future first rounder for Leandro Barbosa

Logic: Leandro's minutes are consistently down since Mike D left Phoenix and his production has dipped, Phoenix could use this move -accompanied by my first proposal- to save 14 million in cap next year which would put them about 7 million under and even more if Hill calls it quits, which basically allows for them to replace Barbosa with a JJ Reddick, Mike Miller, Travis Outlaw, or Matt Barners. We get another Dantoni favorite who is a more under control version of Nate.

side note: I actually realize that this trade is a huge stretch


Ridnour/Duhon (this is where he should be)
T-Mac/Barbosa/ Chandler

This is the type of team Mike Dantoni needs! I give this team 45 wins next season -I said respectability-and should provide a ray of hope to our franchise. Curry's expiring deal plus Wilson and Gallo should make for some nice trade chips come next season's trade deadline.

Ok, then in the off season we just retain all the players who we traded for who have expiring deals and we keep Duhon as a backup for one more season.