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    Default Amare to Cleveland?

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    Seriously, if this trade happens I will stop watching the NBA.There are 25 teams in the NBA that have little to no chance of winning a championship any time soon and the championship contending Cavs might add one of the best big men in the game to strengthen their roster? Hey Kerr, why don't you also include Steve Nash in that deal while you're at it? What a joke this trade would be for the NBA if it transpired.Something needs to get done in the next CBA meetings between the NBA commissioner and the Players Union.Trades like these shouldn't happen, especially when more than half of the teams in the NBA are horrible.
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    New York Knicks = An organization more useless than a bag of rocks painted in orange and blue. The most over-paid collection of talent ever assembled on an NBA floor. They could only be coached worse by a dead Rich Kotite.

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