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Knickin60 Im just trying to let you guys know that you can stop stressing now about Lebron, cuz he is NOT coming to NY, he wasnt without Amare, but he deffinately isnt now!!! Im just trying to help you guys out... On to the next one, start worrying about courting D Wade or something.
Yeah I'm sure Lebron has already signed himself a contract extension with Cleveland after hearing about the possibility of playing with Amare.Are you Lebron James' agent or something? Or do you just have the knowledge capacity of a special ed student?

The Cavs have yet to win an NBA championship and you're already making absurd predictions about Lebron James' future.

Seems to me like you and other Fagalier fans have been wetting their panties for the past year out of fear that Lebron might come to NY.

GTFO before you make a bigger buffoon of yourself.