The 2010 Season is right around the corner y'all!!

Check out this NY Yankees season preview from my page:

The New York Yankees come into the 2010 season with high expectations. And why wouldn't they? Having won the World Series last year, anything less than becoming champions once again this year will be looked as a failure for the Yankees.

Before we get into the 2010 season, here's a brief overview of the Yankees 2009 championship season...

In 2009, the Yankees accomplished something that they hadn't accomplished in nine years (damn, that was a long time ago), become baseball's world champions. It was a season were everything fell in to place for the Yankees.

With key acquisitions of players like Mark Texeira, C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, the 2009 season seemed like it was shaping up to be a great year for the Yankees.

It may not have been the longest journey for the Yankees, but it was a trying one. Year after year they had the ability to sign whomever they chose, mainly due to their unlimited payroll, but yet, did not manage to win it all in those years between their last title (2000) and last year's championship. We all knew the talent was there, but they were lacking something much more valuable. Something that turns good teams into great ones. That something was TEAM CHEMISTRY.

You can't really buy team chemistry. It doesn't sell for $19.99 at your local supermarket. It's something that develops when players become in sync with one another. You learn the ins and outs of each others style of play, which in turn, makes you play as one cohesive unit, and not like individuals anymore. That is what happened to the 2009 NY Yankees. Each player stopped playing for themselves and started playing for one another. We saw this chemistry develop more and more as the season progressed. From the numerous 'come from behind' victories that led to numerous pies in the face, to the helmet tosses at home plate, and the cheering of veterans like Jeter, A-Rod, and Pettitte towards the younger players, the NY Yankees of 2009 now had the chemistry that they had lacked in previous years. Which is the main reason why they came out on top in 2009. They were not just a good team anymore, but a great one.