I don't mean to start another anti-D'antoni thread but wasn't this guy suppose to be a hall of fame coach (according to some) that would turn the Knicks into a competitive basketball team? Isn't he the guy with the wonderful Phoenix Suns resume? Or does he only know how to coach superstar players? If he is one of the best coaches in the league, why is he about to lose 100 games in his first 2 seasons with the Knicks? I know the Knicks have a roster that is made up of horrible players but Mike D'antoni has not been an improvement over Isiah Thomas.He is proving every game how he is a one trick pony.Unless his SSOL system is in effect, he looks just as bad as Roy Rubin did in the early 70's.I always knew it was a big mistake when Walsh decided to hire him rather than a defensive minded coach.If he was only hired by the Knicks to entice superstar players to sign with them then that is just as nonsensical as hiring a person because of their outward splendor.I am getting sick and tired of watching the Knicks lose games while waiting for this 2010 dream to come true.I've had so much hope for the Knicks before the season started and now I am just overly frustrated at the job that their coach is doing right now.