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I'll say it before and I'll say its again.

Doc Rivers 49 loses in 06, 58 losses in 07.

KG, Ray Allen comes through 66 wins plus a championship.

Look Mike did some questionable things this year. I dont know if he can lead a team to a championship, but he can get you to the conference finals.

Once we get talent and reach the conference finals and we fail, then we can consider axing Mike.

For right now, Lets keep a him.
Has it ever occured to you that the coach you used in your example tells his players to play defense while the Knicks' coach doesn't? And to think that the Knicks will automatically get superstar players in the 2010 free agency is not very reasonable.What if the Knicks don't get anybody this off season and Mike D'antoni continues to stink? Are you going to continue being his advocate?