You're missing my point.

Remember Larry Brown. Defensive coach. Did you know one of the reason why he was fired. Dolan and Isiah were insulted when Larry wanted this team gutted.

Larry went to the Bobcats gutted that team now their in the playoff hunt...not even a decade old.

Im not and advocate for Mike. But Im not for pointless transactions. I wasnt high on Mike coming here but he was the best coach available and Isiah had to leave.

Who says anything about 2010. Im saying bottomline in any freakin year you need talent. It would help to have taller players. We a short upfront.

I dont remember the Suns not making the playoffs when Mike left.

I believe that 60 to 70% of coaches in the NBA are good coaches. 30% of that group are great.

100% of that group would fail with this team. I'm telling you this team is really really bad man. I see a glimmer hope in some players but the players that we depend on are horrible.

The Knicks will do something this summer. Might not be what we want but this team will improve.

Matter fact if all the trades go through and we get Tmac, Tyrus, Cardinal, and House we're already a better team, and that group I mentioned is not that good either, thats how bad we are now.

Its a players league.