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In my book, Back to Back 50+ loss seasons = getting fired....

I don't want to hear how the Knicks have a lack of talent, because the Knicks had opportunities to get talent, and they had talent on their roster before they butchered up the team for the same 2010 capspace they could have had in 2011, without having to give up the two first round picks and former lottery pick they gave Houston.

Did the Knicks have a chance to draft Brook Lopez? Yes
Did D'Antoni want Gallinari ahead of Lopez, even though the Knicks already had Wilson Chandler and did not have a shot blocker at center? Yes
Did the Knicks have a chance to develop Jordan Hill, by starting him at center with Lee at power forward? Yes
Did D'Antoni pass up on Andre Miller for Chris Duhon? Yes
"Over the summer, D'Antoni wasn't thrilled by the idea of the Knicks pursuing free agent Andre Miller and he had no interest in signing Jayson Williams and Jamaal Tinsley, two point guards that worked out for the club. Also, D'Antoni favored Jordan Hill over Brandon Jennings in the draft."
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Did D'Antoni pass up on Stephon Marbury for Chris Duhon? Yes
Did D'Antoni do anything to make the team better? No
Isiah Thomas' record, as coach of the Knicks: 56-108(.341)
Mike D'Antoni's record, as coach of the Knicks: 52-88(.371)