-- with the trade deadlines a few hours away, and our team continuing to sink down the east - not to mention our draft pick going to Utah( **** you Isiah ) this means the next date that means anything to us is July; right when free agency hits and we'll have alot of cap space to sin players, and well no doubt be major players in the summer, and were poised to enter to 2010-11 season with a completely remade team- at least i would hope so

so here it is the official free agency list of players, input your opinions scenarios and opinions here all leading up to training camp 2010

stars whose contracts expire following the 2009-2010 season and will then become honest-to-goodness free agents:

Joe Johnson
Ray Allen
Manu Ginobili
Marcus Camby
Tracey McGrady
Shaquille O'Neal
Brad Miller
Stephen Jackson
Jermaine O'Neal
Mike Miller
Rip Hamilton

The next grouping is those players that are signed thru 2011, but can opt out in 2010 if they so choose:

Yao Ming (owed 17.7 million in 10/11)
Amare Stoudamire (owed 17.7 million in 10/11)
LeBron James (owed 17.2 million in 10/11)
Dwayne Wade (owed 17.0 million in 10/11)
Chris Bosh (owed 17.1 million in 10/11)
Dirk Nowitzki (owed $21.5 million in 10/11)
Josh Howard (owed $11.8 million in 10/11)
Mike Redd (owed $18.3 million in 10/11)
Tyson Chandler (owed $12.8 million in 10/11)

This next list consists of contracts that are set to expire in 2010, but the player may choose to opt-out following the 2008-2009 season:

Steve Nash (owed $13.1 million in 09-10)
Carlos Boozer (owed $12.7 million in 09-10)
Chris Paul (owed $6 million in 09-10 / almost certain to sign an extension before becoming unrestricted)
Memo Okur (owed $9.0 million in 09-10)
Hedo Turkoglu (owed $7.4 million in 09-10)

**not updated

'second-tier' players are set to hit the open market as well:

Ben Wallace
Larry Hughes
Zydrunas Ilgauskas (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Anderson Varejao (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Al Harrington
Darko Milicic
Udonis Haslem
Jamal Crawford (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Eddy Curry (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Amir Johnson
Derek Fisher
Raja Bell
T.J. Ford (player option - owed $8.5 million in 10/11)
Travis Outlaw
Bruce Bowen
Earl Watson
Luke Ridnour
Matt Harpring
Quentin Richardson
Damien Wilkins

2006 Draft Class. These players will all be restricted free-agents in 2010, if they haven't already been inked to extensions:

Brandon Roy
Rudy Gay
LaMarcus Aldridge
Andrea Bargnani
Rajon Rondo
Tyrus Thomas
Kyle Lowry
Randy Foye
Marcus Williams
Josh Boone
Renaldo Balkman
Sergio Rodriguez
Ronnie Brewer

so there it is basically the complete list of players who will be restricted or unrestricted free agents this off season

my personal plan would be sign a top flight player and then build around them with another star and then complete the starting rotation, for example sign Amar'e get joe johnson and resign Lee and sign T.J to the mle

so we'll have


6th man: Chandler, rest of rotation would be Douglas,

another direction if we could lure Gay from the grizz, we get him sign Tyson Chandler, and sign a point guard that way our team remains young, and dangerous at the same time we'll have expendable cap to add players whenever we choose

your opinions?