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    Whats going on with the giraffe these days???

    i went back 1 year to see how far we've actually come. Looking back at t-mac, Nate, Duhon, jeffries, j. hill and the team and pieces we had vs. what we are now... I''m just amazed.

    the Knicks are BACK. we're relevant, we're probably post season bound.

    Our trade talks are not, T-mac darko, harrington, etc. but MELO and BILLUPS, joining STAT! It's just crazy that after 1 year we are so much further ahead of where we were and the future is brighter still....

    This team is making me happy that i waited out the 10 years of bull****... lets keep the momentum going. I look forward to next years ASG when i'll lok back at this year and say something similar.

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    It's that time of the year to show Jeffries appreciation.
    Humility is a virtue and pride is a vice.

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    Hurray for Girafferies!

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