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Thread: Knicks future

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    Default Knicks future

    Alright, guys. Heres the situation for 2010. Our first round draft pick is going to the Utah Jazz (never understood that name, Utah and jazz do not go together at all). So we have one pick in the second round, hopefully we can grab a steal like DeJuan Blair or Toney Douglas.

    Our cap situation is improved greatly. We have four players on the books: Eddy 'Chubbs' Curry, Danilo Gallinari, Toney Douglas and Wilson Chandler, who collectively cost us about $17.8 million.

    We're left with 4 players, hopefully Big Eddy's contract can be bought out. So know we have to sign 8 players minimum, 9 if Curry's contract is bought out. The projected cap is $53.6 million (according to ESPN), this leaves us with $35.8 million left to spend, possibly more if Curry's contract is bought out.

    Who should we get for the money?
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    Offer a minimun deal to T-Mac if he can stay healthy. Convince Lee to take a lower deal from what he is worth. Somehow work the magic and convince the Twolves to get Rubio (Although it would be sad to have him leave Barca ). Hire the hitting scuad that killed that Palestinian Hamas leader to strangle Curry in his favorite McDonalds store.

    Your 2010 NY KNICKS.

    True New Yorkers wear ORANGE and BLUE

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