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Are you implying that ESPN knows 80 percent of the future and can foresee things a lot better than the average NBA executive? Why don't NBA owners just hire ESPN analysts to be their general managers and make front office decisions for them? As much basketball knowledge as some of these guys possess, they aren't geniuses and have been wrong many times when evaluating transactions around the league.And ESPN has always had their personal biases against NY teams.A lot of people that work for them are Boston homers.I never take anything they say seriously and I definitely am not going to start worrying about the Knicks' chances of acquiring 2 free agents this summer just because a couple of dimwitted ESPN analysts decided to give the Knicks a cheap grade.
When did I say they were right about this? I said that there's no way to grade it until this off-season plays out. I don't know what made you infer that I thought ESPN analyst could tell the future, but I did say they know something and have been a reliable source of information in the world of sports for over 20 years.

P.S.... since when does 3/4= 80%?