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When did I say they were right about this? I said that there's no way to grade it until this off-season plays out. I don't know what made you infer that I thought ESPN analyst could tell the future, but I did say they know something and have been a reliable source of information in the world of sports for over 20 years.

P.S.... since when does 3/4= 80%?
It is obvious that these analysts are evaluating these trades based on how it will affect the future outcomes of the teams involved.I'm saying that just because these guys possess a certain basketball IQ doesn't mean that their speculations are future facts that are written on golden tablets.This is why I think it's pretty nonsensical for anyone to hand out grades before the actual results show.Yet we have many people who will become extremely skeptical of the Knicks' chances of getting two superstars because they take sports analysts seriously.