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    I'm desire see the next game. I do not think that the best option is to have Eddie House in many minutes in PG. I don't like W.Chandler yesterday. In the last minutes Sergio/House/T-Mac/Gallo/Lee.

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    What i noticed live.

    -Wilson Chandler loves the spin move and he isn't great at it.
    -Duhon sucks even worse than i thought. Dude is so fundamental cuz he has no skills. I'm glad they barely played him in the 2nd half.
    -D'Antoni needs to coach T-Mac to not waste time by holding the ball with one hand before he drives....other than that he had a good all around game.
    -It was very close to sold out...i haven't seen that at a Knicks game since the 90's.
    -Gallinari did a nice job on Durant.
    -D'Antoni needs to teach Sergio to not hold onto the ball for too long (That Euro Style). Sometimes he would dribble too much and miss hitting an open man.

    But i really liked what i saw outta Eddie House, Sergio, T-Mac. I would bring them all back next year.

    SMH Sergio did the behind the back...and then Duhon tried that too....Duhon can't even get his own talent basketball player

    Also Westbrook + Durant is better than anyone on the knicks by far. I like this Thunder team....real fun to watch

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    Originally Posted by WNY_Knickfan
    I'm excited although hard to expect anything too amazing without much time for new players to work together, but let's hope! Great thread JPZ I always love your threads and your optimism, but this part killed me right off the bat...

    "The Knicks recently made two trades over the deadline. One trade with Minnesota, one with Boston and one with Houston/Sacramento."
    Hey.. I originally put two because I forgot about the Nate trade. I edited part of it though so that is the problem here
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