No longer can we put up with this. What good will come out of having D'Antoni stay around? If anything, it will only end up hurting our chances, especially when we go after free agents and transactions. Look at how he handled the game today. It was just atrocious.

We had the hottest of hot shooters, passers, and defenders out there today....until Chandler started getting into the action. He sits Duhon, which was a great move, but leaves Chandler in. Did he not see that Chandler couldn't do anything? Did he see that Chandler threw the win away with his fouls, missed shots, botched passes, and failed defensive coverage? We sure as hell saw it.

There clearly was no play set up on that last possession, you know, the one that could have tied the game. He just does not have a handle on this team, and it's killing any chance of success.

I really am sick of him suppressing the potential of this team. No player, or players, will bring this team into a championship run while we have this maniac behind the wheel. He looks like he hasn't even taken the 5 hour drivers course. (Sorry for that metaphor, but I had to)

Let's here it guys!