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The Nets are 5-51 because of Lawrence Frank and Kiki Vandeweghe.Once they hire a better coach they'll be a more competitive team.

Devin Harris is overrated? Did he not make the all star team last season or not?

Brook Lopez is still developing as a player and will be one of the most dominating big men in the NBA for many years to come.So many people forget that this is his sophomore year and that his best days are ahead of him.

If the Nets don't move to Brooklyn in a couple of years, they'll eventually move in less than 5 years.
1. You're seriously counting the All-Star game as a player's accomplishments? It's just a popularity contest and a showcase, hell Kobe Bryant in 1998 averaging FIFTEEN POINTS PER GAME got in. Harris= Overrated. Its simple as that, it was just a guy having a good year.

2. They won't move to Brooklyn for at least another two years because they still need to actually break some ground on the whole moving thing. They're stuck in Jersey for two years.

And RunningJumper, you can't be a fan of two teams. You can be a fan of one and root for another when they play, but being a fan is different.