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Giving up one 1st round pick in 2012 is like not hitting on 20.
We gave up nothing unless someone thought Hill is to be a very good NBA player. ( a mistake of drafting him could not be taken back).

I would have traded Hill for Sergio straight up just to have Duhon not play.

Assuming T-Mac plays the way he did last night what is a better way to go assuming we could sign lee and McGrady for the 10 and 7 mill.

whats the better team



Ahhh but you missed the big picture here sir. You don't decide who plays. D'Antoni does. And when he says that the cold as ice Duhon will play, he plays, or rather stands out on the court and watches everyone else play. Same with Chandler.

Lee is not going to stay here. I know he wants to, and for some reason people are crazy about him, but he could completely BOMB once he's put into a PF role, and he will most likely demand more money than the Knicks can or will offer.

And why the f#$k do you want Gallo playing? Do you see something that I don't? Because I can't come up with any reason that he should be getting a chunk of the playing time.