D'amnfool sucks. "Just go out there guys and do what you do best"
i see no coaching going on, just poor subbing.

Enjoyed seeing Power Serge at the point, and Duhound on the bench where he belongs. I guess the new players are going to get mega-minutes until they start meshing, maybe that will happen around game 80...

Why is Gallo still starting? he looks clumsy and is passing open looks.
What happened to Wil the thrill? no plays designed for him, unless he's shooting 3's or is loose in transition.
What the hell is wrong with Barfington? He's a turnover machine!

This game was very hard to watch, tho watching the 1970 championship squad was heartening, as was listening to the Knicks legends; you get the idea that defense is a long-lost art, forever gone from the Knicks playbook, thanks to No-D'antoni and his mafia-coaching squad of yes men.

No-D', No-D', No-D'