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    Default I feel like giving up on the female race entirely.

    Ill just put this in cliffnotes....

    -Knew this girl since 5th grade
    -started liking her in Septemberr-ish when i realized she liked me too
    -found out she wasn't a virgin (I'm a sophomore in high school that doesnt really party so thats kinda a big thing)
    -she tells me how she got seperated from her ex, who she had sex with several times.
    -She's a really depressed person, so obviously i'm always trying to cheer her up. She's been through alot so i looked past the fact she was not a virgin.
    -Started dating in late November
    -I felt reall nice with this girl, we shared food, had romantic dinners, all that corny **** you can think of man..
    -She called me today to break up with me cause she said she still loves her ex.

    Oh, it gets better.

    She then texts me after i hung up to tell me something shes too scared to tell me on the phone: right after we started dating that she cheated on me. With the ex.

    So, i call her. This is how it goes.
    "I think you have something to tell me"
    "I have to go"
    "No you don't, you better tell me now."
    -almost breaks down into tears- "I cheated on you." -hangs up-

    And then we texted and i interrogate her and she proceeds to tell me that even though they cant be together, they're going to continue to have sex.

    Like forreal man? I'm 15 ****ing years old and I had a girl done decieved me.

    The last relationship i was in prior to this the girl left me for a dude she claimed she loves.

    Can I just give up all hope on the female race?

    None of the girls at my school are halfway decent. (This girl doesnt go to my school).

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