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    Just keep your head up man. You gotta fail many, many times on the road to finding the girl that'll be in your future. Better start now then, say, 10 years down the road.

    It hurts, but don't worry. She'll escape your thoughts slowly more and more each day.

    Then it's on to the next one.
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    Only dude that had a worthwhile piece of advice on this thread was Metro: many girls are overtly hoes, early on, from my experience: they will literally throw themselves at guys, offer BJ's, bounce onto laps with nothing on under their garb, etc. Always has disgusted me: I have always liked women with class, who don't waste their time on just anybody. Take some notes, here, SD.

    Anyway, as they get older, many start to realize the implications of this: being seen as a whore, and become, at the least, more discreet with their slutty behavior. As they get older, though, past hoes revert back to their 15 year old slut days. Anyone who has faced the challenge of rebuffing the come-ons of a 55 year old school-girl can attest to this.

    First of all, SD, grasshopper, with all due respect, you don't know anything about romantic love, especially at age 15. What you know is that you didn't get the present you wanted, under your little "tree." Now, you're disappointed. Well, love isn't about disappointment at the prospect of losing a fun diversion: "the girl of your dreams," whom, by the way, you accepted, even though you truly wanted a "virgin." How shallow!

    The fact is that you have known this girl, romantically, since September. How are you heartbroken? It sounds more like you are infatuated. The other fact is that you obviously have some superficial qualifications for the girls you seek out. You think being a virgin will make a girl worthwhile? And now, you want to give up women, because of one chick. You really think one man or woman defines their entire gender? Contrary to popular belief, women are not all the same.

    And pray-tell, what exactly have you "gone through" with this girl. I mean, you haven't struggled together, been there through tough times in one another's lives. You are basically infatuated with what could be, instead of what is.

    Look, dude, come up with some better qualities for girls you want: honesty would be a good one, loyalty another, being considerate, etc. Virginity is a retarded quality to spend your time and energy on. Because a person hasn't fncked, you think they're special and somehow better than another???

    And, you can fall in love with many women, assuming they would want you. You could share a fulfilling life with more than the "one," this isn't The Matrix. Just use your imagination: could you imagine enjoying sex, conversation, companionship, leisure time, etc., with other women? I'm sure you can.

    So... although I know you feel bad, you need to realize that it is not because of any valid reason: inability to like or love again, inability to find anyone that is actually decent, etc. I would have been a bit more delicate, but Metro was right: it is weakness, on your part. I empathize, because you are young. Still, just get over it. And also, get another girl. As soon as you do, you will feel better and realize just how CHEAP your relationship with this chick really was.
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    All that is true but dude is in highschool he doesn't know any better....

    As for giving up on the female race i think 1 experience is hardly a reason to give up on women. That is as silly as saying i met 1 black person and didn't like him/her, so i don't like black people.

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    What the ****!?

    Jesus dude..... You'll be good man.

    I'm almost twice your age right. 30 this year (damn it) and by the time you get to my age you won't be swooning over chicks and falling in love.

    Just get out there and **** anything with 2 feet and a heartbeat and dodge aids like a ninja.

    When you're an old badger like myself, you'll only ever be dreaming of the chicks that you could have ****ed.... but never did....

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    Yea I think we are all saying the same thing here.

    Not like she had your kids. AH give it time youll get over her and find some other broad to drool over

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