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    Default This team is cursed, a Knicks profile

    Watching last nights game at the Garden vs the Bucks brought so much pain back. The pain of the last 10 years has been like a dagger in my side slowly piercing and twisting on through. With all the promise of landing a superstar in Tracy McGrady came another stupid careless loss, a deflated bunch of baboons flopping around the court jacking up 3's and getting slaughtered on the boards, outplayed, outhustled, outcoached in our "mecca" of basketball.

    Tracy said the other day that he's excited to be here at the "mecca". I've heard the term, more or less in the same context, been thrown around a lot, that it's every players dream to play here etc etc. I'm really beginning to wonder why anyone would want to come here right now.

    There's also this mystique about Mike D'Antoni, that he's this phenomenal coach and that certain players will "thrive" in his "7 seconds or less" system. Last night and in countless games, there was no 7 seconds or less. There were turnovers, there was indecision, there was aimlessness and there was total lack of belief. Let me sum up the phenom coach as best I can the way I see it: "Whatever D'Antoni was doing in Phoenix that didn't bring them a ring there is not happening with these players here and won't bring us a ring here"

    Aside from that, I'm beginning to believe the team seriously might have some voodoo curse sh*t going on. It's been 10 years now. I'm trying to figure out who it might have been though that went to Cambodia, met with the old woman, got the magic seeds and sprinkled them on the garden floor though. Is there anyone who might have had a serious grudge against the organisation? How can it have gone SO BAD in the last 10 years? It's been, as Shaq would say...HORRORAWFUL. Lets reflect:

    Allan Houstons knees:

    Once compared to Kobe, one of the last of the spirited fighting Knicks generation. The best jumpshot the NBA has ever seen. The knees, look at them, they look someone lit them on fire and put them out with a shovel. His contract I believe was the largest in the NBA at the time. Tried to make comebacks numerous times, but no, couldn't do it. Why? Cause we're fuc*ing cursed.

    Stephon Marbury:

    Self proclaimed best point guard in the NBA. Championship rings? Zero. I need not go on about his contract, the sneakers, the tattoo on his head, the tantrums, his infidelity and the seriously worrying videos of late. Why did we have him and not the Charlotte Jimbobs? Cause we're fuc"ing CURSED.

    Larry Brown:

    Tried to bring to the Knicks what he had with the Pistons, they had Ben Wallace, we had Jerome James. Fuc*ing useless. Why? Fuc*ing CURSED.

    which brings me on to:

    Jerome James:

    Jared Jeffries:

    Steve Francis:

    Jalen Rose:

    Why? Just why? Combined cost over 200 million. We traded away Ariza for Francis, a first round pick for Rose with 3 million in cash. We ended up buying both them out for over 40 million. CURSED

    Quentin Richardson:

    One of the brightest prospects in the NBA, comes to Knicks, stinks the building, revives his career in Miami. CURSED

    Jerome "The Junkyard Dog" Williams:

    I couldn't believe this guy was a Knick, he actually had the audacity to bark and howl whenever he made a defensive stop, like we were going deep in the playoffs because of this or something. CURSED

    Eddy Curry:

    Fat fuc*ing cu*t that if I ever meet I will cripple. I can't go any further than that. CURSED

    Isiah Thomas:


    James Dolan:


    Isiah Thomas and James Dolan:


    I can't go any further, there is so much more, I was about to go on to Moochie Norris, Keith Van Horn, Clarence Weatherspoons, Michael Doleac, Zach Randolph, Jamal Crawford etc etc but I can't, the pain is just too much.

    The one thing I must give credit for is Knick fans still actually going inside the building to watch games after this butchering. However I think to believe in 2010, LBJ, Bosh etc etc is seriously DELLUSIONAL after all of this. To take a look at some of the examples above then think we will be saved in 2010 with big name players flocking here is the logic of an absolute madman and a result of the mound of sh*t you as a fan have been dragged through.
    Please bring back the NYK intro from the 1994 Finals...PLEASE!!!!

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    you forgot duhomo...

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    If we couldn't even get into the playoff with a 100M+ payroll. How the heck are we going to win a championship with 53M? YES WE ARE CURSED

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    Default The Curse of James Dolan

    The curse is called James Dolan. it's been all downhill since he got here.
    end of sentence.

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    it's owner and management's fault, which trickles down to coach and players

    walsh had great pacer team. he's much older now so i dunno if his decisions are worse or not but he just made a SOLID trade, not great, but somewhat uplifting

    thing is with dantoni he's funny and gets fired up but has NO IDEA how to use the players. which is bad bcuz he tells them to run plays that don't fit certain players styles

    obviously the players also need to be able to do WHATEVER on offense, but tactical coaching can win u some more games and especially WIN THOSE CLOSE ONES, feel me


    example if u look @ doc rivers, ye he has 4 superstars but THEY ALL play to their strengths. he has garnett taking mid shots and posting up in sweet spots, allen CONSTANTLY coming off screens, and then pierce iso @ free throw

    with dantoni he uses harrington as a spot up shooter which he's very inconsistent at, apparantly horrible, which is bad coaching bcuz u see harrington has a great dribble for a PF and is very efficient with that spin move to the basket


    then he has gallinari doing spot up shooting as well, which is basically impeding his growth bcuz HE BECAME this kind of player only on the knicks. in italy he was a slasher and good mid range shooter, meaning at this point HE'S JUST GETTING BY IN THE NBA through adaptation but not really playing to his strengths.

    dantoni should also have gallinari post up more, like garnett does, bcuz notice he usually gets fouled from using an up and under move

    gallinari needs to develop a turnaround **** in the post by the way

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    If we get James...He'll prob suck and get hurt.

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    Cursed? Mehh, Maybe... I would say The Chicago Cubs are cursed No championships since 1908!?!?...Although, Dolan owns both the Knicks and Rangers... And both seem to do their fair share of sucking and blowing...

    I have faith in Donnie Walsh

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    Great thread Dirk! I'll tell you that there is a 90 percent possibility that the Knicks are cursed and that there is nobody to blame for this but their billion dollar owner.

    When you look at history you will realize that, it takes only one person to curse an entire franchise and that certain curses have the tendency of lasting more than a couple of lifetimes.And not only do curses affect sports organizations, they affect families, countries, generations and global regions.You don't have to be a religious or superstitious zealot to realize how tragedy is something that isn't always coincidental or inexplicable.

    After he was bought by the NYY, Babe Ruth cursed the Boston Red Sox for 86 consecutive years.From the early 80's until now, Donald Sterling has been cursing the Los Angeles Clippers.From the early 20th century until now, the Chicago Cubs have been cursed as well; Some people like to blame a goat for cursing the Cubs.I don't believe that the reason a team goes so long without winning a championship or having a winning season is because the odds always find a way to work against them.There has to be some kind of invisible force or invisible forces causing these teams to make the wrong front office decisions, mess up on the basketball court, and lose games on a consistent and nightly basis.Notice how curses are capable of affecting a basketball team on and off the court? Whether these curses cause sexual harassment suits, cause players to have their ex girlfriends killed, cause players to fight in locker rooms with coaches, or cause former coaches to overdose on sleeping medication, these curses have the will power to be deadly and contagious.

    I know that there is a great possibility that the NY Knicks are cursed, because they're the only NY sports team of the 4 major sports that has been terrible these past 9 years.From 2001-10; the NY Giants won a Superbowl, the Jets made the playoffs a few times, the NY Yankees won a World Series, the NY Mets almost made a World Series appearance, the NY Rangers made the playoffs a few times and even the NY Islanders were good at some point.

    What have the Knicks done these past 9 years?

    1.Hired the most incompetent general managers that the NBA has seen.

    2.Have the highest payroll in the NBA.

    3.Gave away draft picks to bring in the large contracts of underachieving players.

    4.Have seven different coaches.

    5.Have one of the worst records in the NBA.

    6.Lost games by 40 points on national television.

    7.Embarrassed NYC and their fans.

    8.Have problems between coaches and MSG employees.

    So many bad things don't happen to an organization out of mere luck or chance.James Dolan could be the person sending strong negative vibes behind all of this.Whether this is happening because James Dolan did something in the past that earned him these vibes or because his wealth is bringing a curse upon the Knicks, there is little doubt that he is the one responsible for the Knicks being in the condition that they are.Until the Knicks are sold or acquire a player whose goodness could defeat these negative forces, the Knicks will continue to stink.I really hope someone breaks this curse before most Knick fans leave this earth without seeing a Knicks championship.
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    Knicks have bad luck.

    The Clippers are cursed.
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