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With a couple of days off and practice w/ the team i hope the new guys will be more in sync w/ the rest of the team and what coach is running and i hope to see a better conditioned TMAC.Get over there and whoop some wiz A**.
I hear that, but this of course assumes that Coach D does anything useful in practice, being that they clearly don't work on late game situations! He might be more in sync with the team, but does anyone really know what the coach is running? Also anyone else notice we seem to be under 50% on technical free throws where we can choose our "best" shooters? Ugh, well now that I got my negativity out, yeah I agree the extra rest and practice session should help, and I think the Wiz are ass right now, although Magee is a good athlete and I like Thornton. Also Mike Miller and Nick Young will probably light it up seeing that my life sucks. Bummer Howard is hurt they'll hafta find someone else to sing the anthem