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No, our players need to execute better down the stretch. 90% of the time we can't finish the play D'antoni runs because someone screws up. Like in that game against the Thunder, in the last shot of regulation I think it was. They were trying to get the ball to T-Mac. But Gallo's man doubled on T-Mac and they couldn't get him the ball, leaving the only shot available being a fadeaway 3 from Gallo.

The worst run plays can look genius while the best run plays can look like crap, depending on the players executing them.

How many times can we leave a man open on the last shot. Gallo always seem to be the lost man on the play, and David Lee always does some ridiculous cross court pass that gets intercepted.

If we get a last shot oppurtunity again. Dont care how he feels, put it in T-Mac's hands. He may not be playing well but players still respect him. That should go a long way.