Wow were our boys really down 101-59 at the end of three quarters???? Looks like our Knicks are mailing it in again down the stretch. I thought T-Mac would actually make a difference, but looks like he is giving in to the loser mentality as well.

I keep thinking that D'antoni just needs better players, but Walsh may have to think about making a change. D'antoni looks to have lost this team. His godson is regressing as the season stretches and the team is out of gas because of his short rotation. You just can't be this bad without looking at the coach.

The change needs to be made before the summer because NONE of the A-list free-agents will want to come play for a team this bad. The A-listers already have a pile of money, they are playing for rings now. And our Knicks aren't even respectable. Why would Lebron want to leave a good team to go play for a crappy one like ours??? NYC or not it makes no sense. Its amazing that a major market team like this has been allowed to be this bad for this long. David Stern may have to do something because Knicks management is too dumb to help themselves. Glad I didn't see a minute of this debacle, sorry for those of you who did.