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    Default Oklahoma is dominating..

    I thought this team would put up a .500 record this season and they are about to surpass that...We all know about Durant's greatness. Jeff Green seems like a David Lee esque player, meaning that he's always giving his all on the court.

    Russell Westbrook...He's been killing it lately...10-19 shooting, 30 pts 13 assists. I recall he had a dominant game against us too.

    Actually putting up 16 and 8 on the season.

    Oklahoma has done such brilliant drafting, makes me feel bad for the city of Seattle cause they lost their team and all. They are one or two good players away from being a serious contender.

    Gotta give credit where it's due.

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    when I get nba2k10 I will play OKC my second favs at all ( favs in the west ), but if in next season nyk still sucks it could change... I don't like them so much as seattle but this is simply case when changing ownership could improve team. They got heart to play as nobody.
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    i think they will be a contenders next year whne their guys have some playoff experience even with the same squad. Their team is amazingly built top to bottom.

    They emphasize DEFENSE all of their players acn play D. And all the role players.

    They just have trouble scoring when Durant isn't playing because Westbrook is very similar to rondo...he can't shoot, but can drive all day. They could use a legit shooter or inside player and it is over...i don't see anyone beating them.

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    Sam Presti is a hero in that city. He got lucky that Portland took Oden, but getting Green and Westbrook lies solely on him. I'm envious of that team. The fans have a strong connection with the players, because as of right now, most of them are home grown. I said on draft night that Durant would be everything T-Mac was supposed to be and more. How right I was.

    Don't forget about James Harden to. Smooth silky jumpshot and a very savvy player. Has drawn comparisons to Brandon Roy. If he becomes anything near Roy, that just makes their team even more stacked.

    They got 12 million in cap space to go get a post player. They need a guy who can get them easy points down low, once they get that, they will officially be complete. I been hearing good things about some Serge Ibaka guy on this forum, and from other NBA fans I'm friends with. I've never seen him, but numerous people tell me he is a great defensive presence.

    People who live in Seattle and love basketball are probably depressed. This wonderful team got stolen from them lol.

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