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Not true. I am a politician and I do not know any politician personally (that is a democrat, I can't speak for republicans) that has lied about what they are doing

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Incredible Joke.. Have you ever heard of George W Bush? or worse, Richard Nixon? even worse.. a local republican that is a state senator. Anyways.... Do you watch Fox(ixed) News? I'm willing to bet you watch it
You don't know any politicians personally but you are blind to the fact that Obama has lied about important promises he gave during his campaign race....the pulling out of troops, 95 % americans recieving tax cuts...etc. plus we still don't know if he truly is what he says he is...a Christian as Obama would claim to be would never point to the Sermon on the Mount as radical...which he did....Jeremiah Wrights church is an obination to teh Christian faith and is anti-christian....

This guy has lies from his choices, views, people in his cabinet who many are corrupt and have resigned already, his history with a thousand question marks....please JPZ Bush was bad after 8 years...Nixon lied and got caught...Obama is lieing more than anyone and is flying high in the sky thinking no one can spot him on the radar...just listen to his riduclous promises and honestly tell me that no politician lies! LOL that is an incredible joke my friend.