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    Rumor Marcus Camby Headlines Donnie Walsh's Supporting Cast In Case LeBron James Joins Team

    "The Knicks' primary target this summer is LeBron James, but when it comes to the supporting cast Donnie Walsh plans to assemble, the team president has his eye on a free agent with New York ties.

    The Knicks, according to sources, will make a strong push for Marcus Camby, who 11 years ago played a significant role in helping the Knicks reach the NBA Finals. Walsh has tried for two years to acquire the 7-foot Camby and last month lost out again when the Clippers traded him to Portland.

    Although Camby turns 36 in two weeks, he still moves well and doesn't need the ball to make an impact. Instead, he is the shot-blocking, rebounding type of center Walsh and Mike D'Antoni covet.

    "He only has great memories of New York," Camby's agent, Rick Kaplan, said on Friday in Toronto. "But he's having a great time in Portland. He really enjoys that team."

    The Knicks' interest in Camby is a clear sign that management is convinced David Lee can't continue to play out of position at center. Although Lee's quickness gives him an advantage over most centers, his lack of size and girth under the basket have hurt the Knicks all season.

    On Friday, Toronto scored 62 points in the paint despite All-Star power forward Chris Bosh missing the game with an upset stomach. Lee is neither a shot-blocker nor a player who is willing to draw charges. And when the Knicks' perimeter players are beaten off the dribble, Lee is vulnerable as the last line of defense."

    -New York Daily News

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