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lets take this topic a different way.. Rady, what kinda underground stuff you listen to? im all about that **** man.. I'm actually pretty close with one of the members of the group Non-Phixion.. plus I'm working on beats for Freestyle who used to be part of The Arsonists. Underground hip hop is life for me! ..along with asian rock. 8)
i heard a lot about them, but never got the chance to listen. it's very hard to find their albums here, if not impossible, but i did put my ears on Rakim, Dilated Peoples, KRS One, Rhazel, Canibus...
My favorite rapper is by far NAS, and i also like DMX.
when i said underground hiphop, i was reffering to our own hiphop. very good, and very wise.. i have to say, it's a bit different if the american one