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    I could see from your perspective why you would think so off hand. But a simple look into bible would reveal the truth. At some point in time, there had to had been one religion. If you trace back to before sin, there was one religion. Obviously, there is a correct way to worship God, which would make it true, and an incorrect way to worship God, false.
    You find truth in books and I find truth in life. I formulate my opinions and beliefs off of my experience not some book written by man thousands of years ago. I do not need the threat of damnation or the reward of eternal bliss to be a good person. Our values are inherent and developed out of a hunter/gatherer society long before man codified those ideas in books.

    Have you ever played the game Operator as a kid? It's the game where kids sit in a big circle and one person whispers a message that is passed in secret from kid to kid. By the time the message gets to the end of the circle it only vaguely resembles the original message. Now take that concept and add politics, different languages and several thousand years and you begin to understand how flawed it is to put ones faith in a book. A book that has been edited, rewritten and translated thousands of times. Entire gospels, chapters and verses completely erased from existence depending on what pope, emperor or king was in power.

    Do you really think if there is a God, he would agree with every form of worship?
    Yes. I believe IF there were a god, an all powerful, all knowing supreme being he/she/it would not be so insecure as to care how one would go about showing respect or worship. Nor do I think god is so needy that he needs humans worshiping him at all. Further an all knowing being knows what is in your heart and does not need you to manifest your feelings outwardly. Praying and religion is for human beings, not god. According to your belief God knows everything that has happened and what will happen so why would one need to prove anything?

    More specifically, I believe if there were a god that just being a good person is enough and one is free to worship (or not) any way they chose. I for one want no part in a supreme dictator that controls our every action and judges us not on our hearts but on what rituals we follow.

    Could you honestly see the many religions on earth all of a sudden being cohesive in heaven, if they were actually going? Or would there be Jihad on the Christians, in heaven?
    The concept that there is some eternal magical place we all go after we die is laughable. Especially a place where we retain our memories and bring the baggage of the physical world with us. NO, I am fairly confident none of us will be sitting on a cloud strumming a gold harp arguing over which religion is best.

    Or would the God of the bible all of a sudden tolerate adultery, or homosexuality?
    Well, the god of the bible does not exist and it is proven by all the flaws and mistakes in nature. Why would a perfect being like god have so many failures? Stars, planets and galaxies that fail to form. Babies born with deformities and genetic defects. etc etc

    Further homosexuality exists in nature not just in humans. Under your belief, god created everything we see including homosexuality. Since homosexuality is not just a human manifestation one can safely conclude that it is not some "test" for humans. SO if there were a god I am sure he would accept homosexuals as he does all his other creations.

    Even if I were not religious, I still would believe in order. And there is no way a supreme being would allow such a lack of order, and call it worship. Good thing I don't have to speculate.
    Yet this supreme being tolerates it every day on earth. God does not need us to walk the path or test us when he knows everything we will ever do or think. Religion is so flawed and easy to pick apart.

    You are entitled to your beliefs and I don't begrudge you for your religion. I take offense to anyone person or doctrine claiming they know the real way to god. The truth is, none of us know anything but what another flawed human being told us. One can be a good person and follow any religion or even no religion at all. Religion is a crutch to many who are looking for answers and nothing more. There are too many contradictions and false certitude in religious dogma for me personally to believe in any one god or book.

    I could cling to the Old Testament, the original book and it's warnings about fake religions and false prophets to totally discount every religion that has come since. (including JW and other forms of Christianity) The truth is people pick and chose what parts they believe and what parts they dismiss. You are no better than the radical Muslim that believes all infidels are wrong and must be converted to Islam or suffer the fate of a punitive, intolerant supreme being.
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