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I'm just gonna say that there is not a group on earth who follow the Christ more closely than Jw's. Even Jesus said many will acknowledge him as Lord, but he will turn them away. Meaning that there will be many professed followers of his, that are not truly following him. He says those who do ,NOT HIS WILL, but the will of his Father, will be saved. (Mat chap 7)

Only Jehovah's witnesses Acknowledge Jesus Father as the only true God. Just as Jesus did in John 17:3. If Jesus is the way, and only one group of people truly follow him, why then should this group shrink back, when they are truly the one's following the Christ?

There is only one group of true Christians on earth. And again, not because I say so, but because the Bible's description of a true Christian only fits JW's. Can't make this stuff up.
Let me start off with saying that LJ and OG have been picking apart Jehovah's witness views as contradictory but not entirely using evidence in the Bible to back up their claims. This is where I come in. I am tired of seeing a Jehovah's Witness representing the "lawyer" for CHristians on this forum. I am proud of your devotion and that you argue for your beliefs but, Knickfan4lyfe, you have to understand that your views are thwarted and your missing the boat. If you can accept the possibility that some of your views are wrong, than we can debate on any topic that you desire. Christians learn everyday and have to be equipped for anything as 2nd Timothy 3:17 explains.

- No offense guys but Atheist can't really argue against the Bible because Atheist lack the ability to interpret the Bible. This is why Atheist usually just say that the Bible is not historically accurate and that it should be disregarded. Atheist point towards Science for almost every argument but ignore the mathematical odds that support the Bible in amazing fashion.

"True Christians" would not mis-interpret the Bible so much as you have, my friend. I clearly exposed your lack of interpretation in other threads which ended in you just repeating yourself over and over again and ignoring the versus I showed you to back up my claims.

LJ is right that I should debate you on this post, understandable coming from a JW who thinks he is right, but the evidence of mis-interpretation on your part will be shown when I debate you, again.

And please don't go off topic like you did constantly when we debated in the past.

Pick a topic, stick to it, and we will discuss...if you don't pick a topic than I will gladly choose one for you.

-I ask that LJ and OG or whoever is not a Christian to sit back and watch without interrupting this debate.
-After the debate is finished, I will answer questions from non-Christians so you can get answers from a Christian point of view with correct interpretation.