Guess it is time to tune into March Madness and throw in the towell on our 30 win Knicks. I wonder if D'Ant and is high school coach brother use calculated each player contribution when we were winning this year (game in that mid 30 win column? A player with 12 years, and attended a high academic school like St. Louis University may have a math based case for "why aren't the Knicks in the playoffs"?
A tad bit of analysis blew me away. Larry Hughes played in every single win up to March, not only did he play, he scored an average of those 11 wins of 20.1 ppg. He also was in the top 5 in steals in the NBA during the same period. D'Antoni's specialty. Never played more than 10 minutes in February, believe we won 2-3 games for the month. T-Mac was our answer, you think? I think the guy (Hughes) had a legit gripe, why sit on the bench for a month after you got the team out of the worst start in history, then started all December and contributed to the Knicks their best December in a dozen years? Sure, he is pulling a couple hundred K down a night with that contract, but guys like to win. We were surely headed for number 7 or 8 seed in the playoffs. No player likes to loose and all he ever said is that he wanted to contribute, he earned a spot in the starting rotation, then came back after missing three games with a quad or hamstring, so D' Antoni gave him the NATE ROBINSON treatment, but longer. He went to Walsh, D'Ant has a closed door policy. It's got to be tough watching Duhon score 23 points, when you had 20.1 ppg in 11 wins (a third of the total). I know that stinks, but it would be nice to see the team progress. Oh, the Duhon 23 points were for the whole month of February. There just was nothing to gain by getting rid of him but wins. T-Mac makes more, he was gone after the years end, why can't D'Antoini and Walsh show some improvement with two years at the wheel. Sure, he wasn't a keeper, but Walsh said he got him for defense and he covered the passing lanes pretty well.
I think that we could have had a series or two, in the playoffs, but this is some sad hoops now. Oh well, maybe there is some factor I am missing, but I know the Knicks are missing W's that the were nailing against Phoenix and Atlanta and a few other decent teams, then it all went to hell. Maybe next year.
Don't think these owners are going to be bucking up the big dollars everyone believes. Nothing critical, just a good December and early January and we went to ****. Need a NBA package rebate.